COVID-19 Vocabulary

COVID-19 Vocabulary

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A Glossary of Words and Phrases for Talking About Coronavirus:


Coronavirus - a type of virus that can cause respiratory (lung) infections. 

Covid-19 - a coronavirus that can cause serious illness if it affects the lungs.

Novel - new. Covid-19 is a novel disease. We don't know much about it yet.

Infection - a disease caused by a virus or bacteria.

Respiratory illness - a disease or infection that attacks your lungs.

Symptoms - changes to bodily functions when someone is unwell.

Symptomatic - showing symptoms of a disease.

Asymptomatic - an infected person who is not showing symptoms.

Mild - not serious or life-threatening.

Underlying condition - a health condition that might make symptoms of coronavirus worse.

Life-threatening - a very serious illness which can kill people.

Cough - to force air out of your lungs with a loud noise.

Contagious - an infectious disease that can be spread from person to person.

Transmit - to pass a disease on from person to person.

Incubation period - how long it takes before infected people have symptoms.

Diagnose - to detect and identify someone with a disease or illness.

Screening - testing a group of people to see if they are infected.

Contact tracing - tracing everyone an infected person has been in contact with recently.

Outbreak - when a disease suddenly appears and spreads fast.

Epidemic - a large number of cases of an infectious disease within a community or country.

Pandemic - when a serious disease spreads rapidly and infects people all around the world.

Crisis - an emergency health situation that needs to be dealt with quickly.

Super-spreader - an asymptomatic person who spreads a disease to many others.

Lockdown - a situation where people are told to stay at home due to an emergency.

Curfew - when people are only allowed to leave their home during certain hours.

Quarantine - when sick people are kept away from others to stop a disease from spreading.

Self-isolate - staying at home if you are unwell to prevent a disease spreading.

Shielding - protecting people who may get very ill from coronavirus.

Lung capacity - all the air your lungs can hold when you breathe in.

Inhale - to breathe in air.

Deep breath - a breath that uses all of your lungs.

Ventilator - a machine to help you breathe.

Sedated - when drugs are given to put someone to sleep.

Unconscious - a person who is unconscious is unaware of their surroundings (not awake).

PPE - Personal protective equipment, such as gloves, aprons, masks, and goggles.

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